The Obvious Choice is ‘Trump Orange’


The obvious choice is ‘Trump Orange’
As readers of Twitter have heard
Yet why would you ever propose
That most famous un-rhymeable word?

Instead, let me offer some others
Though doubtless they’ve also been found –
Perhaps ‘Caution Yellow’ for Spicer
If you happen to hear him expound

Let us also consider Steve Bannon
Whose underwear’s rarely been drowned
If a crayon were named in his honor
I’d nominate ‘Boxer Shorts Browned’

And there’s also our good man Reince Priebus
Who finds himself over his head
Let me offer a modest suggestion:
‘Drowning Republican Red’

But forget not the loyal Ms. Conway
Our very own Shakespeare of spin
Let a crayon be named in her honor:
‘As Fleshy as Kellyanne’s Chin’

And to leave out our good VP Pence
Would displease the conservative right
But for those who are over the rainbow
Let me offer you ‘Homophobe White’

And to fill out our box of new colors
Melania I mustn’t omit
But what color for one who’s unseen?…
‘Invisible Lady’ is IT!