A Modest Debate Prediction

The very day after I published A Unified Theory of Trump, the political bombshell landed of Donald Trump making light of sexual assault in a 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape. Since then, the media have been trying to read the tea leaves of how Trump would respond in the second Presidential Debate, which is just a few hours from now as I write this on Sunday, October 9, 2016.

This development gives me a new opportunity to test my theory via a prediction about tonight’s second debate. In the first article, I had already predicted that Trump would find the topic of Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions irresistible, and would bring them up shortly after attempting to look Presidential again. So how does the tape change that prediction?

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A Unified Theory of Trump

Opinions and commentaries about Donald Trump have been legion in a presidential election in which Reality TV Star Trump has emerged triumphantly as the Republican nominee for President, after having repeatedly violated all the conventional rules of politics. Political pundits have focussed on two primary aspects of this: 1) why does he violate all the rules?, and 2) why does it work? Although I have not sorted out the latter, I believe I have an answer to the former, as I will detail here.
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